Aug 2003
Currently working on various projects for Wish Tank Studios.
Lead: Character Animation, Modeling, Rigging, Problem Solving
Wish Tank Studios
Aug 2003
Finished work on a video game for The Adventure Company; "Forever Worlds".
Character Animation.
Xvivo Digital Animation
May 2003
Finished work on two 22 mintue CGI animated shows;
"The Super Snoopers".
Character Animation, Blend Shapes, Modeling, Asset Management
Xvivo Digital Animation
Dec - 2002
"A Freezerburt Christmas" a Stop-Motion Animated Christmas Special
will be airing on NBC, Saturday December 21 at 8:30 p.m.
Credits: Director of CGI and Effects
Compositing and Effects
Keep an Eye out for the Mountain Dew, "Davey and Goliath" commercial
Credits: Visual Effects, CG Director
Feb 2004
Finished working on two animated/ live-action pre-school videos for Dick Clark Kids: The Canbees
"Zookeepers & Animal Trainers" & "Firefighters & Paramedics"
Lead Character Animation & Rigging, Modeling.
Mar 2004
Animated opening to "Bloopers" television show,
Dick Clark Productions:
Airing in May on ABC
Character Animation & Rigging
Sept 2003
Starting work on "The Canbees", two animated shows for
Dick Clark Kids.
Character Modeling, Rigging & Animation
April 2004
"Forever Worlds" is released by The Adventure Company on March 31.
Character Animation
Dec 2003
"A Freezerburnt Christmas" has been released on DVD.
Director of CGI & Effects
"Santorini", image appearing in the ZooRender Gallery, G27
May 2004
A review for my work on the video game
"Forever Worlds".

"...the game world visuals are sumptuous and the animation in the cutscenes first-rate..."
Forever Worlds: A Review and a Fool's Errands by Mr. Lipid
June 2004
The two episodes of "The Super Snoopers" aired on INSP.
I also appeared on "Discovery Jones" about the making of
"The Super Snoopers".
Demo Reel 3.6 meg

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August 2004
Currently working on a stop-motion children's television show for a major toy company. Unable to discuss details at this time.
Compositing, adding visual effects and beautifying imagery.
December 2004
Compositing two commercial spots for Talbots clothing stores.
March 2005
Currently working on Medical Animations: Animation and Modeling.
April 2005
Using XSI/Softimage for my current computer animation projects.
June 2005
Currently animating a 1:30 minute teaser for a children's television series proposal. Unable to discuss details at this time.
August 2005
Working on a commercial spot for Bob's Discount Furniture.
Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Consulting.
(See spot in Animation section.)
September 2005
Modeling and Rigging three characters for children's programming.
October 2005
Working on a commercial spot for Bob's Discount Furniture.
Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Effects and Consulting.
November 2005
Creating environments for children's televison series proposal.
Modeling, Texturing, Stylistic (Non-Photoreal) Rendering.